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Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT
resources over the Internet


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iGrow Technology Cloud-certified consultants can help you throughout your Cloud Computing Digital Transformation journey art your organization for Data Engineering Projects. Our consultants are certified data engineers who can migrate on-premises Data Lakes into your chosen cloud environments and build optimized Data Lakes using ADLS and S3. We are experts in making data solutions for Azure (using ADLS, ADF, Databricks, Functions, WebApp) and AWS (S3, Glue, EMR, Lambda).


IaaS is on-demand ingress to cloud-hosted computing infrastructure – servers, storage capacity, networking resources – that customers can provision, configure, and enough the same way as they used on-premise hardwares.


PaaS provides a cloud based platform for developing, running, and managing applications. The cloud services provider hosts, contains, and maintain all hardware and software included in the forum – servers (development, testing, and deployment), operating system software, storage, networking, databases, middleware, frameworks, and development tools. as well as related services for security, OS & software upgrade, backup and more.


SaaS (sometimes called cloud application service) is cloud hosted, ready to use application software. Users pay a monthly or annual fees to use a complete application from a web browser, desktop client, or mobile app. The application and all the infrastructure required to deliver – servers, storage, networking, middleware, application software, and data storage – are hosted and managed by a SaaS vendors.

Saas v/s PaaS v/s IaaS Management Ease v/s Complete Control:

SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are not mutually exclusive; most organizations utilize more than one, and many larger organizations today use all, often in combination with traditional IT.

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